Brined roast chicken

After certain remarks were passed over my last roasted chicken, I decided to give brining a go.  I did everything according to Ruhlman & Polcyn’s guidelines, and roasted the bird as per usual in the oven.  The results were, modesty aside, amazing.  I’ve brined pork in the past but never done a chicken for roasting like this, and in future I will do all my roast chicken like this.

Angler’s perquisite

Fish livers and fish sashimi!


from Kazusa-Minato.  Thanks as always to Kaheimaru!


Trafalgar Day Taraba

Thank you very much you know who!

Hokkaido crab

Salami Tartuffi

Ready to eat after precisely 30 days drying.

truffle salami

Salami Tartuffi Progress

The salami are moulding over and drying at an orthodox rate: these have lost 11% water weight in 10 days in the drying chamber.  The Bactoferm-600 mould is growing in a bit of a patchwork but this one sausage is pretty well moulded over except at the top and bottom where I may have touched it with vinegary fingers (occasional outbreaks of black or green mould need to be swabbed with vinegar or brine).  The salami still have retained a very strong truffle aroma, long may it last.

Still eating cutlassfish


Cutlassfish fillets breaded and baked in the oven till nice and crisp; of course with not so secret-recipe tartar sauce on the side.  In my opinion cutlassfish isn’t that good eaten raw after two days, so I prepare them in cooked dishes.  The next was a pie, containing chopped fillets with fusili pasta, garlic, onions, broccoli, Bechemel sauce and the whole topped with Cheddar cheese and baked till bubbling-hot.  Off the bone, the fillets go melting-tender and the dish is really a meal in itself.   I was rather hoping we could stretch this to three meals but funnily enough, it was all devoured in two sittings.

The very last of the cutlassfish was dealt with, genuine charcuterie-style i.e., preserved with salt.  Bone-in pieces of fish were lightly cured with sea salt, and then slathered in a special mix of miso and other things and left overnight in the fridge.

The result is a very tender, deeply flavoured fish that will keep for a week in the fridge and only needs liberating from its miso coat and a minute or two each side under the grill (the cured fish was too long to fit in my stove griller so I cut it in two).