Gingko 2

I got round to consuming some of the gingko nuts (rather incorrect terminology, as they are seeds) mentioned in a previous diary.  This time I cracked the shells and roasted them over a gas fire.  When done, the outer case and brown membrane is peeled away to liberate a green-gold seed, which is dipped in salt and eaten.  They can also be steamed, boiled or deep-fried.  I find their taste to be delicate, sweet and very rich. They contain many nutrients such as oils, fats and vitamins; in Japan they are often fed to sufferers of fever or the infirm as a pick-me-up.  However, they do actually contain small amounts of a mild poison and an average adult should not consume more than about twenty in one day.  According to traditional Japanese medicine, the seed of the gingko is most beneficial to the lungs, brain and reproductive system.  We shall see, eh.

Gingko  ginnan  Nuts


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