Sri Lanka Trip

In three weeks. I finally got my tickets organised, at the efficient and very reasonably priced HIS. They sorted out my trip to India last year just as professionally. Whilst there are many discount travel agents catering for foreigners here, it can be difficult to get airline tickets for less popular destinations or trips with multiple carriers/stops. I went to their Ueno Okachimachi branch; in addition to having a specialist English-speaking member of staff (who served a returning American customer who came in after me) most of the other workers seemed to have a little knowledge of English and were all very friendly. The branch itself is a little difficult to find, being on the fifth floor of a rather non-descript building, but if you head east from the Kasuga and Showa-dori crossroads you should be able to see the neon HIS sign in the street.

Hopefully on my last day in Sri Lanka there will be time to get in a short fishing trip: there appears to be a healthy offshore sport fishing culture there. My last day will be at the seaside town of Negombo. The prices don’t seem that outrageous and so long as they will take a single angler, I am not too bothered about the choice of quarry (although I’d love to fish for yellowfin tuna). We shall see.


2 responses to “Sri Lanka Trip

  1. congratulations! I look forward to seeing pictures of your trip! What spices will you be getting?

  2. Hi Amy,
    Please check back soon and you can see the results of my trip. I will do my best to try the various local specialties, as well as hopefully get in a fishing trip, and attempt to document as much as I can on camera.

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