Hopefully this coming long weekend I will be travelling to the fishing town of Sakihama, in Iwate Prefecture, which is in north-east Honshu.  Everything depends on the weather, so I will  know if I can go only about three days beforehand.  With current air temperature being between -3 and 1°C, one thing is certain: if I do go it really is going to be cold.  Last year I made the same trip but slightly later in the year, towards the end of March, and it rained on my first day fishing and snowed on the second.  However, aside from the immense hospitality of the locals, the clear ocean waters, the remote and rugged beauty of the surrounding mountains and the wonderful seafood on offer, there is quite excellent fishing to be had, all year round.  This time of the year both Pacific cod and in shallower water, a variety of different karei flatfish can be taken.  Sadly this time round I will only be there for one day and a night, but will get in a full day’s fishing for flatfish, before hurrying – whilst getting changed in the car, Tsuri Baka Nisshi-style – to the station and heading back to Tokyo.

2 responses to “Sanriku

  1. Lucky taxi driver!

  2. ah yes, the sight of me in my thermal longjohns, enough to sicken even the stoutest of men

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