Karei Cookery

kitchen1.jpg The fish on my chopping board. The two deep cuts in the fish I did on the boat to drain the fish of its blood.

うちのまな板は34センチ。魚拓をとるために船上で魚のうらにナイフを入れて血抜きしました。 マコガレイは血が多い魚なので血抜きしておくと味を何倍もアップ。

slice.jpg One fillet cut from the fish.


sashimi.jpg Sashimi, including the hallowed engawa


engawa.jpg Another serving of sashimi, with engawa and Sanriku wakame on the side.


hone.jpg I wind-dried the leftover bones of the fish. These will be deep-fried later.



2 responses to “Karei Cookery

  1. Misete Oishi desu yo! The fish looks gorgeous. What do you do once you fry the bones? There is a fishing store near my job and they have fish imprints on ink and rice paper, have you heard of this before?

  2. Yes here in Japan that is called ‘gyotaku’. I have a number of them up in my place. I’ll take a photo for you some time.

    The fried bones are eaten. With a cold beer to assist them.

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