No dabba

wallahs here in Tokyo, so I carry my lunchtime tiffin – sorry, bento – to work myself.  The zip-up bag is waterproof and insulating, and contains three microwaveable little pots for main dishes and a large thermos-type jar containing little waterproof pots for both rice and soup.  In this case, I had basmati rice (filled out with a little chana dahl), tarka dahl, chana dahl (again) gosht and raw tomato/onion salad with plenty of pickled green chillies on the side.  I must confess to buying the mutton dish ready-made, but everything else is home-cooked.

dscn0586.jpg  dscn0588.jpg


7 responses to “No dabba

  1. Please email me the recipe for tarka dhal! No wonder all your coworkers are jealous!!

  2. Amy, will do. It is one of the easiest recipes ever.

  3. hi there! How are you doing?
    One of my co-workers brought me some hand made funazushi… even if it’s not my kind of thing I think it is… tasty? Quite strong but interesting? It didn’t stink that much and it was strange how different slices towards the tail or belly tasted

  4. *Home made rather than hand made…

  5. FMR,
    I’ve never had the opportunity to try funazushi myself. I gather it is rather…astringent? Since it is more of a Kansai thing I have never seen it offered for sale round here.
    However I do like the fermented fish ‘kusaya’, have you tried this?

  6. Hmmm kusaya doesn’t sound that tempting :oP

    Funazushi was rather salty and yes, sour/astringent.
    The one you see in shops here looks mushy and pale and unappetising, but the one I had had a rather firm texture (and was apparently rather expensive?). You eat the bones and skin as well.
    People here tend to season it with shoyu and ajinomoto, but it was too strong for me – just shoyu or nothing at all would be ok.

  7. If you can, try the kusaya made from tobiuo (flying fish). The kusaya from Niijima island is the best.

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