Today’s Tiffin

Tarka dahl and basmati rice cooked with chana dahl (yawn) and a special dish…shahi korma, made with real Kashmiri saffron. In fact the korma is so rich, containing yoghurt, thick cream, brown sugar, ground almonds and saffron, that even a man of such digestive powers as myself can only manage a rather small portion each time. With such luxurious food, it is no wonder that the Moghals basically over-indulged themselves to extinction; I can think of worse ways to go (Jehangir basically drank himself to death, with lashings of opium on the side). It was said that a cook who knew how to make shahi korma could cook for the court; a cook with two dozen (or twenty, depending on the source) korma recipes could cook for the Emperor himself. I myself have three kormas: one where the lamb (always young, tender lamb off the bone with the skin and fat removed) is browned at extremely high heat then boiled slowly in cream, one where the lamb is marinated for two days in yoghurt and whole spices and is so tender it only requires to be heated through, and an infamous dish called mirchwangan korma which is made with thirty red chillies and is not for the faint-hearted. This particular dish was the second variety.



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