Kanazawa Hakkei Aji + USS Kitty Hawk

I was due to go fishing at Omaezaki today, but the recent typhoon put paid to any ships leaving harbour in that part of Japan. Since I had already taken the time off work, and the weather on Tokyo Bay, while poor, allowed fishing, I went to Kanazawa Hakkei and spent a half-day fishing for delicious aji.

One fun thing about fishing the Bay is the huge volume and variety of shipping you can see. Today I got a close-up view of CV-63 USS Kitty Hawk as she was brought into Yokosuka naval base. She will be retired soon and replaced at the base with a nuclear-powered Nimitz-class carrier, much to the concern of various anti-nuclear and peace activist groups in Japan. However sport anglers should be concerned for another reason as the surrounding Bay area will be dredged to accomodate the much greater draught of the new vessel; this will probably greatly impact the local fish stocks, especially the rich shirogisu and makogarei shoals that populate the sea-floor near Yokosuka.

Thanks to the fishing boat Benten-ya for their friendly service as always.


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