Three dishes

from three regions from three religions. 

 Dum aloo.  The potatoes are coated in a spice mixture of poppy seeds, turmeric, ginger, ground almonds and turmeric in yoghurt and then baked, like meat, over a slow fire.  The potatoes come out very well browned on the outside and coated in a thick, rich sauce.

 Kashimiri rogan josh.  Made with plenty of ground chillies from Kashmir, and containing no onions or garlic.  The lamb was basically tender enough to break apart with one’s fingers.

 Sri Lankan cuttlefish curry, with grated coconut, Kotmale chillies, curry leaves, cloves and cinnamon.


2 responses to “Three dishes

  1. They all look great, especially that cuttlefish curry!

  2. Hi Clive,
    Thanks, it tasted even better because I caught the cuttlefish myself!

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