Shirogisu (Japanese Whiting) “Tendon”

Not the anatomy, but the Japanese abbreviation for tenpura donburi, i.e., tenpura stuck on a bowl of hot rice.  This particular one I made with my day’s catch of whiting, and I supplemented with some kabocha pumpkin and lotus root.  With a bowl of misoshiru on the side it is basically a meal in itself.


2 responses to “Shirogisu (Japanese Whiting) “Tendon”

  1. I always marvel at your fillet technique – the tendon looks fabulous. How did you learn to cook Japanese (as well as Indian food) so well?

  2. Hi Jay K,
    The filleting technique is just a matter of getting used to it (I never took photos of my first few attempts at filleting fish)! There is a certain knack to it that once you get, the process becomes quite straightforward. Also, having a razor-sharp knife is about two-thirds of the hard work; I sharpen mine till it possible to shave the hairs on the back of my hand with it.
    I think I am going to post a photo series of the filleting process some time in the future, please check again soon.
    Have you been out catching gobies again lately?

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