Video: Filleting Japanese Whiting

NB the fish in the vid has already been scaled. Will soon be posting a series of photos, with explanatory text, describing in detail each stage of the filleting process; the video should just give you an overall idea of how quick and easy it really is.  This technique is identical whether you are filleting whiting or gobies or Japanese aji jack mackerel, for deep-frying.  It is not suitable for making sashimi; a different technique exists for that.


2 responses to “Video: Filleting Japanese Whiting

  1. Adam, thanks for posting the video on your fillet technique. Is that a deba hocho you are using? Do you use a wetstone for sharpening?

    I’ve already started compiling a list of things I want to get next time I’m in Japan (some inspired yet again from your site)
    1) bamboo pole
    2) deba hocho
    3) unagi-saki hocho
    4) Japanese lures
    5) Mr. Bento (or something similar to your bento container)

    As always, looking forward to your future posts.

  2. Jay K,
    Yes, it is a kodeba (lit. ‘little deba’ ) although the technically correct name for it is aji-saki (‘aji cutter’). I take it with me whenever I go fishing. It was not expensive (about 3000 yen) considering the quality of workmanship and the dear prices that some of its fellows can cost.
    I use two different whetstones for sharpening my cooks knives, both made by the company ‘Tsukiji Masamoto’. Someday I will post about them here! If you want to use and keep traditional Japanese knives you will need as least one such stone to maintain them in good working order.

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