Some Miyakojima Specialties

Some examples of the food I ate while in Miyakojima.  Whilst some of the dishes such as chanploo are fairly ubiquitous and can be found anywhere in the Ryukyu archipelago, others were peculiar to Miyako, such as the soup noodle soba and various beef dishes.  In fact Miyakojima has its own breed of cow, one fine specimen of which we spotted on Kurima Island.  Click on the Miyako cow for more…

 No trip to Okinawa would be complete without at least once eating goya chanploo (which probably lays claim to being the Ryukyu national dish) i.e., bitter gourd, onions, tofu and slices of pork stir-fried with egg. 

 Almost a sibling to the previous dish is raftee, which is pork belly stewed in soy sauce till it is so tender it basically falls apart.  It clearly has roots in Chinese cookery; most Cantonese restaurants serve an essentially identical dish.

 There is of course lots of fish to be had too…two types of tuna (skipjackand yellowfin) and one of my favourites, a type of venomous parrotfish known locally as irabuchaa.

 One way to eat Miyako beef, cooked just on the outside with crushed black pepper, chilled and served with sliced onion, lemon, wasabi and soy sauce.

 Miyako soba, pan-fried with squid and ditto ink.  Don’t smile after eating this.

 This is the locally brewed beer, Orion.  The adventurous however, can indulge a potent and pungent distilled rice wine called awamori, which is normally served with ice and water on the side, with which the drinker mixes his drink to his own taste.  I can manage about two servings (about 350ml) before crying capivi.  Curiously, the drink is rather suited to the tropical climate as one can add as much water or ice as one pleases, to make a quite refreshing and hydrating peg; and like many of these things, never quite tastes the same when you remove it from its natural environment and drink it at home.


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