Kyushu Trip 2

We set off from my hotel at 4:45am towards Imari.  Sadly a sudden weather front meant we couldn’t head out far offshore to our original destination (Iki) so instead the plan was to head to Hirado Island, which is actually part of Nagasaki Prefecture.  The port we headed to was Nabegushi, on Fukushima Island.  Visitors to Fukushima Island are greeted by a giant kuruma prawn (a local specialty).  Not to be confused with Fukushima Prefecture in the north of Japan.

  Nabegushi Harbour, Fukushima Island.

 Harbour cats waiting for handouts.

  This is the boat we fished on, the 50-foot ‘Seaman’s Kitchen’, owned by a friend of Nigel’s. 

  The boat owner bought some live prawns from a local fisherman, to use as bait.  These were in fact so good, that throughout the day I peeled and ate several; Nigel caught me dipping into the bait basket several times.

 I thought I snagged a beast, but it turned out to be a mixture of the next chap’s tenya line and a nice sized itoyori.

 Fish on.

  One reason why I don’t have so many fishing photos is that the weather was very unsettled and my camera is not waterproof.  Shortly after I took this photo this rather frightening squall was upon us, and we were rapidly soaked to the skin (see the video). 

  At the last spot, we fished for shirogisu.  For me, who fishes for kisu on Tokyo Bay throughout spring and summer, this area was an absolute paradise.  The smallest kisu were at least 20cm, with some monsters about, closer to 30cm.  There were also lots of kawahagi filefish about, I took three.

In the end, we took quite a variety of fish, plenty for that evening’s meal.  Itoyori, kasago, shirogisu, kawahagi, kanagashira and others; no monsters but all very good eating.  Nigel’s friend rather kindly gave us a madai that he caught on his tenya rig.  We set off with a full cooler and I wondered what I should prepare for the evening.


2 responses to “Kyushu Trip 2

  1. Man those big kissu are great to eat I tell you! Average size at this time of year is about 25cm and sometimes you get bigger ones too!


  2. Nigel,
    Yes the kisu fishing was fantastic. I wish I had brought my proper kisu fishing gear with me (including my secret shikake)!
    Next time I would love to try and catch some 30cm+ monsters…
    Looking at old gyotaku on my fishing calendars most of the record-size kisu (35cm+) seem to be taken in Nagasaki pref.

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