Punjabi Maghaz Masala

Or, brain cooked with spices. A classic Punjabi dish, it was quite good. Served with a mountain of my home-made chapatties on the side. The brain is very creamy and rich (brain is generally about 1/3 lipid), and it is not possible to eat large amounts in one sitting. Curiously enough, the brain is very similar in texture and taste to the milt of Pacific cod, a delicacy known here in Japan as shirako.


2 responses to “Punjabi Maghaz Masala

  1. I love brain. Haven’t had it in a while though. My mum simply fries it and seasons it, so it’s like scrammbled eggs. I’d love to try this version, too.

  2. Maninas:
    Yes, brain is delicious but hard to get here in Japan. To make masala brain like this, I just seared the brains on a very high heat, out the pan, then in the same oil cooked up a standard Indian-style onion-garlic-ginger-tomato base and added the reserved brains back. Easy!
    It is very nice spread onto an Indian flatbread and eaten with some sliced onion.

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