Exactly one year has passed

since I started this blog; how time flies. Thank you to all the people who have visited and posted comments, especially repeat visitors. I really did not expect so many people to visit – if you Google ‘Punjabi food’ Compleat Tsuribito comes out second of all teh internets, and two of the first three pictures in Google Image search are mine (somewhat embarrassingly, poorly cooked lachar parathas and a rather unauthentic karhai chicken dish). Even though my blog covers quite a wide range of topics, some of the search terms people have used to find my blog are quite unexpected. The more esoteric include “fishing and beer”, “sunrise”, “tasty fish” although the most cryptic must surely be “dew texture”. In Japanese, my favourite recorded search request must be “伊豆温泉 彼女 夜” which translates, quite literally, as “Izu hot spring, girlfriend, night-time”. The things people think of.

Thanks again,

Adam Guy


4 responses to “Exactly one year has passed

  1. Adamさん


  2. Shinさん、
    コメントありがとうございます そしてはじめまして!

  3. Adamさん


  4. Shinさん、
    サワラ いいですね、おいしいし。私が釣ったことのない魚です。

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