Pav Bhaji

Terrible weather all week meant no fishing, polishing my fishing gear at home and Indian cooking.  Actually in the west of Japan people have died in the flooding and here in Tokyo, the rain has been torrential with lots of lightning to top it all off.  I finally got round to making the Mumbai (the City Formerly Known As Bombay) specialty pav bhaji.  I can’t believe I didn’t try this when I was in Mumbai two years ago (I also regret not getting a champi tel malish on Chowpatty beach) but I was distracted by the streetside kebabs, paneer and tandoori dishes (at Delhi Durbar, Khyber and the wonderfully Victorian-named Gaylord) and of course, Bombay duck, an amazing taste I don’t think I will ever be able to reproduce or encounter elsewhere. 


I also pride myself on making my Indian food from scratch, grinding my own spices (many of which I have brought back from India and Sri Lanka myself) and such, but this time I was obliged to use a MDH ready-made spice mix, something I am only slightly embarrassed to admit.  A real pav bhaji is really very rich and buttery, so to spare my arteries a little I cut out about half the butter, and declined to put some cheese on top, even then the dish came out very tasty.  It contains eight different vegetables and of course has no meat in it, so was a pleasant change from the rather dairy- and meat-heavy Mughlai food I have been making recently.



4 responses to “Pav Bhaji

  1. Hi Adam-san,

    Your cooking always looks excellent. I do not know Indian cooking at all but I love to eat it.

    I think that you are suffering from withdrawal symptom because of no fishing last two weeks. I went fishing in the rain yesterday and I caught “ma-aji”. I enjoyed Sashimi of Aji last night and it was excellent. I will eat Sashimi tonight again because sashimi of Aji in 2nd day is more tasty.

    What is your next fishing plan? What is the target fish? I would like to try to catch small size of Kanpachi, which is called “SHIO” in Wakayama, next week end.

  2. Hello Shin-san,
    It sounds like your aji was very tasty, freshly caught aji is so much better than aji sold in supermarkets or restaurants. Did you drink some sake with it?
    You are right I have not been fishing for more than two weeks, so hopefully I can go next weekend to cure my symptoms. I think I will try to catch “madako”.
    Your English is very good, where did you learn it?

  3. Hello, Adam-san,

    I drunk a can of beer with Aji sashimi followed by sake last night. Aji sashimi was excellent
    Madako is one of my favorite targets. I have changed my mind and I will try to catch it this weekend so that I can enjoy “Takoyaki” with my family.

    英語は読み書きはなんとか出来ても、会話はまだまだしんどいです。 仕事で必要になったのでOn the jobで勉強しました。



  4. Shin-san, I am jealous! Fishing, then eating aji sashimi with beer and sake! A perfect weekend.
    My favourite brand of sake is “Tateyama” from Toyama. But I will drink almost any brand so long as it is not too sweet.
    This year is a good year for madako at Tokyo Bay, but I have not been yet. Hopefully I will be lucky this weekend!

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