Narangi Qeema

An unusual recipe from Hyderabad that uses orange (narangi) to flavour minced meat.   I am always looking to expand my repertoire with new or different dishes and this one was excellent.  Although its appearance is by no means spectacular, the meat is flavoured with both the rind of the orange and its juice, as well as coriander leaf and red chillies; the result is a surprisingly good combination.   I guess this is not too surprising on reflection, as after all both French and Chinese cooking have recipes that flavour savoury meat dishes such as pork or duck with orange.  One thing however, the dish loses a lot of its delicate orangey perfume when reheated, so does not keep well (i.e., you should eat it all in one go).  The credit for this recipe is of course, to Madhur Jaffrey. 


4 responses to “Narangi Qeema

  1. Hi Adam-san,

    I assume that you have a fishing plan for this weekend because a weather forecast is OK. Your Indian dish looks delicious because I like Orange Chicken, although I prefer bowl of rice to Nan.


  2. Dear Shin-san,
    Please check back again this time next week, as I have a surprise fishing trip lined up for this coming weekend!

  3. Hi Adam-san,

    I look forward to it.

    You can also check my blog. I am sorry but it is in Japanese.

    Good luck.


  4. i’ve got the recipe somewhere. now i’m even more intrigued by your tasty description!

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