Some Frontier-Style Dishes

just to let you know I am still alive. Still no internets at home, hopefully this will be sorted out this weekend; I have a long post about my recent trip to the hot spring at Heda coming up, but for the time being here are pictures of some of the dishes at a meal I made recently for guests.

Chappli kababreshmi kababburani – lamb biryani

chappli kebab reshmi kebab

boorani biryani

These were suitably accompanied by walnut-mint chutney (a superb dish, with extra flavour from crushed anardana seeds and hot raw green chillies) and a stack of flatbreads. The biryani was an unusual one, made from uncooked meat layered with parboiled rice (usually the meat is cooked first separately) and flavoured with milk, apricots, almonds, saffron and rosewater: a real Mughal treat. I didn’t have a suitable le Creuset-style crockpot to bake it in, but my trusty Japanese stone donabe did the job admirably and it came out fairly well, considering this was my first attempt at this recipe.


2 responses to “Some Frontier-Style Dishes

  1. Wow! Words escape me – your dishes have always been inspiring and delectable-looking, but really your talents are being wasted if no one has offered you a cooking show yet! That food looks great!

  2. Hi Jay K,
    Well if I were to have my own show it would be pure plagiarism…all these recipes come from the excellent cookbook “Ultimate Curry Bible” by my favourite cook, Madhur Jaffrey.
    Now if I were to have my own fishing show…

    Have you had any luck catching gobies lately?


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