Today’s Tiffin

I have been taking my own lunch to work every day this year.  This saves me either buying lunch from a store somewhere (generally too salty, too greasy and always too expensive) or eating the bland, over-salted and cold food at the canteen; this also allows me to torment, with various aromas and spices, those of my colleagues foolish enough to buy revolting convenience store bento or the abomination of instant ramen in our communal kitchen area.  Indian food always seems right to me as a packed lunch, as it is easily transportable and generally not harmed by reheating. 

murgh methi and aloo timatar

Anyway, today I had Hyderabadi murgh methi (a taste I never tire of) and a Delhi-style potato dish (no onions or garlic, but lots of ginger and chilli).  The Thermos-type metal pot held plain basmati rice.  I could have easily used some lime pickle or even a poori on the side, but today was not my day.


One response to “Today’s Tiffin

  1. hyderabadi murgh methi? sounds great. could we have the recipe, please?

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