Today’s Tiffin

Kashmiri spinach (stir-fried in mustard oil and chilli) and that infamous specialty of Kashmir, mirzwangaan korma (meat cooked with 20 chillies).  The korma is nothing like the sordid sweet/creamy monstrosities served in the majority of ‘Indian’ restaurants in the UK; it is almost dry (a style of serving meat rarely favoured by most of us white folk) but made deliciously tender by slow cooking, where the meat absorbs chilli, tamarind and aniseed-like ground fennel to produce a quite wonderful dish.  I could have definitely used some crumbly seermal bread – stained with saffron milk, of course – to help these dishes down, but this time I had to make do with plain basmati rice.

Kashmiri paraag and mirzwangan korma


One response to “Today’s Tiffin

  1. mmm fantastic! I love your tiffins!

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