New Fishing Knife

Curiously enough, during my last fishing trip I couldn’t find my knife in my tackle bag. Luckily it was not an emergency and a good pair of scissors did the job instead. At the time I thought I had just left it at home, although it felt strange because I have never once forgotten any part of my tackle when going fishing (money, packed lunch, water, glasses &c. are another matter though) and after his rod and reel, an angler’s knife is one of the most important items in his bag. Anyway, when I got home I couldn’t find it, so it turns out I may have left it on board my last fishing trip (Jan 25th) on Sagami Bay, and presumably the customer the next day would have snaffled it; the skipper is making enquiries for it now but my hopes are not high. Although it was not overly expensive I had used it on every fishing trip I have been on since 2004, and it is no longer made these days so I thought replacing it would be difficult; most American retailers no longer stock it. However, after doing a quick Google Images search for the knife – a CRKT Crawford-Kasper ‘tactical’ knife, I found a retailer here in Japan who had one for sale, and bought it straight away. The blade is blackened but the knife is the same.

dscn3076   dscn3077

I think I got through three knives before settling on this one; no others had the same one-handed opening, resistance to rust (seawater and fish slime make a potent wrecker of metals), extra thumb-operated lock, or a blade that held a razor edge for a long time without sharpening and seemed to be just the right size and shape. I’ve carved up blocks of ice and although I don’t really recommend it, I’ve even shucked oysters with it, which should give you an idea of how tough it is, yet the blade is sharp and fine enough to make sashimi with. Other knives often have a good blade but the folding lock or other internal parts rusted too easily for my liking, sometimes after just one trip. Anyway, I hope this one will last even longer than its predecessor.


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