Finished off the sole

by making goujons with my infamous wasabi mashed potatoes.

Goujons of sole with wasabi mashed spuds

The goujons came out just as they should be; light, fluffy and with the breadcrumbs forming a perfect seal on its contents so that the fish within steams, at very high temperature, in its own juices rather than getting fried in the hot oil.  The white fish comes out wonderfully flakey and moist, and hardly greasy at all.  My only regret was not having a nice tartare sauce to complement them; ketchup made an admirable substitute.



2 responses to “Finished off the sole

  1. wow. the flesh of the fish looks really succulent and soft. lovely.

  2. They were pretty good, I was surprised how delicate and flakey the fish came out (the secret is of course, to remove the skin of the fish (which is also comsumed, not thrown away)) and not at all oily. The infamous ‘fish fingers’ of my school lunches years ago – perfectly symmetrical, bright orange and quite revolting – are a sordid mockery of how good fish can be served up like this, and it is so simple as well.

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