Today’s Tiffin

Today's Tiffin

Tarka daal; Sindhi-style lady’s fingers; basmati rice.


4 responses to “Today’s Tiffin

  1. I adore dhals. Their delicious versatility always amazes me. Making the tadka is my favourite bit. Such a fantastic technique.

    Only yesterday I made huge amounts of Sri Lankan coconut dal. The recipe, given to me by a kind Sri Lankan lady, is published on my blog (with her permission, of course): Do try it .

    Another firm favourite is this amazing Bengali dal:

  2. Thanks for the links, I will definitely try the Bengali daal some time. Actually, many years ago I first got into cooking Indian food after being introduced to it by a Bangladeshi friend.
    By coincidence just last week my dal stock ran out; I bought mung dal this time though.

  3. This dal is from West Bengal, but some version of it, of course, could be made in Banglades, too.

    Next time you get some masoor dal, do try this. It’s one of the best dal recipes I know, or have eaten.

  4. I will give it a try, when I next get some masoor dal (this requires a short trip on a train to get it, as unlike back home in London we don’t have an Indian store on every high street!). I bought mung dal this time to test its ayurvedic dietary properties, and also to make a ‘whole’ dal recipe (where the lentils are cooked, but retain their integrity) I haven’t made in years.

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