Today’s Tiffin

Delhi Hindu-style potatoes – so simple yet delicious and made nutritious with fresh tomatoes, a pile of coriander leaf and yoghurt – and a first for me: Maharashtran green beans, which are cooked with curry leaves and mung dal, very slowly under a pot of boiling water placed on top of the saucepan in lieu of a lid.  The veg and bean mix cooks in its own steam so very little oil is needed, and when it comes straight out the pan, even speaking as a devoted fish (and to a lesser extent, meat) eater, this dish is incredibly tasty. Also, I think it took in all maybe forty minutes to prepare both dishes, using very cheap (but fresh) ingredients and nothing more complex than stir-frying and boiling; despite the lame excuses one hears it is neither difficult nor expensive to make healthy and tasty food at home.

Today's tiffin


2 responses to “Today’s Tiffin

  1. Interesting cooking technique for the beans.

  2. Maninas:
    This recipe comes from Madhur Jaffrey’s Taste of India, in the Maharashtra section. I wish I had tried it earlier, it is amazing; do give it a go if you have the ingredients knocking about. It must have been a combination of the aromas of the earthy dahl, pungent curry leaves, chilli, hing and the steam and heat of the stove, but when I lifted the water-filled ‘lid’ off the pan when the dish was done, I was, for an instant, transported back to India.

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