Koi Sashimi

One shouldn’t really eat freshwater fish raw but I make an exception for this splendid dish, known as koi arai (lit. ‘washed carp’).  Slices of koi carp sashimi are placed in hand-warm water for a few moments, then chilled in ice water.  The flesh firms up and curls slightly, and is served on a bed of ice cubes and taken not with soy sauce, but with vinegared white miso (seen to the left).  I ate this dish at a local restaurant called Iseki.

Koi sashimi


4 responses to “Koi Sashimi

  1. Incidentally, I recently watched a video of this practice/dining style for carp online. It’s interesting they did not cut out the bloodline – did you find, that neglecting to do so made it disagreeable tasting?

  2. Hi Jay K,
    Not at all, the fish is no doubt bled properly before being carved up, and the little bones are all removed with tweezers. If anything, it adds a little richness to the taste of the fish (this is true of most sashimi).

  3. The fish looks absolutely amazing. And delicious.

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