Today’s Tiffin

Malaidar andai (boiled eggs in a cream sauce) and rasedar khumbi aloo (stewed mushrooms and spuds with garlic).  Usually I try to go for a balance of colours and textures for my two dishes but today was all-out hot red chilli and garlic (the mushroom dish is made with a whole bulb).  The hearty stewed potatoes and mushrooms and the blazing hot chilli attack of the egg sauce were the perfect antidote to the very cold weather today.  All I needed was some lime pickle, a poori or two and a nice salted lassi to make things perfect.  And maybe a nautch and some Kashmiri opium.  Anyway, with the amount of garlic I consumed for tiffin I felt a little sorry for those of my colleagues who were obliged to speak to me in the afternoon, but the feeling passed.

Today's Tiffin


One response to “Today’s Tiffin

  1. When will you be opening a restaurant in Tokyo?

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