Specialities of Kazo

One great thing about fishing different parts of Japan, and having a little of the language, is the chance to sample the local produce.  One of my current projects is to compile a book detailing my fishing trips to every single prefecture in Japan (I have fished about a fifth so far) whilst indulging the local specialties.  Fishing for herabuna is largely game (although the more eccentric may eat them; it’s on my to do list) so without an ice chest stuffed with fish to encumber me, on my way home I wandered about in search of Kazo city’s famous udon.  The region is also well known for pork and traditional Japanese mochi-based sweets.  I bought a pack of fresh udon and also the cakes/sweets known as kashiwa-mochi and shio daifuku (the tenpura is made from fillets of cutlassfish I had to hand in my freezer).   Although I am generally sceptical of packaged ‘famous local specialties’ – many of which are adulterated, not produced with any local ingredients or made elsewhere – I have to say the udon was really quite excellent; I think I prefer this kind of thin-cut variety anyway, and the noodles themselves were genuinely tasty.  The sweets were very agreeable but they suffered from the long train ride back home, and in my opinion, one of my fishing buddies who is a confectioner here in Tokyo makes them better.

udon  daifuku


7 responses to “Specialities of Kazo

  1. My dream is to travel every inch of Japan:
    fishing the waters, trying the food, taking in the scenery, schmoozing with the locals and drinking the fun.

  2. Great plan! I also love local food (and all food). Let me know when you plan on heading North and I’ll help you out with the fishing plan and the food. One of my favorites: Hoya Tempura. Sounds odd? Try it.

  3. chris: I cannot recommend Miyakojima Island (Okinawa Pref) enough to you, if you like travelling and fishing in Japan. I visited in July last year and had an amazing time. I wrote several posts about the trip, if you have the time please read them.

  4. Hunt: I just sent you an e-mail. It may get snagged by anti-spam filters so please check and see for a message with the title ‘Adam from Compleat Tsuribito’.
    Hoya tenpura sounds great; I like hoya but have never had it cooked that way.

  5. Hey, maybe if you go this July, I’ll meet you there!

    Just arrived home in Canada. Nice to get the fresh air for a few weeks!

  6. Chris: I was there in July last year and it was good, although any holiday to Miyako in the summer is a bit hit-and-miss as a sneak typhoon or storm can happen any moment.
    Have you been fishing in Canada?

  7. Haven’t been fishing yet. Just been here 2 days. My car is dead and needs constant boosting, then just goes flat again. Havent been able to go anywhere!

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