Back from Niigata

in one piece thankfully, apart from my best efforts to slide on my arse down a mountain side, and later be swallowed up by a muddy swamp.  I took some sansai (lit. ‘mountain greens’) which will provide quite interesting eating over the next few days.  My teacher for the day sliced up a yamaudo there and then and we ate this with su-miso; the taste was unreal – almost like fruit – and I doubt if I can ever eat the packaged supermarket rubbish again.  There was still snow on the ground in patches where we were, but the colours of spring shoots and leaves was very beautiful.



4 responses to “Back from Niigata

  1. Nice! I miss the snow. Didnae get to see much of it this year.

  2. The bigger mountains where we were – Yuzawa – are still pretty well covered. But the lower levels have all melted and the mountain streams are full; I haven’t tasted water that good in a long time! On the way back we stopped for a dip in one of the many onsen in the area, and had soba, sansai tenpura and beers to round it all off. It was a good trip.

  3. Very nice. We’ll definitely have to meet up this summer.

    Enjoy your Golden Week.


  4. Chris,
    Drop me a line when you fancy it; in summer don’t forget the sunblock though!
    Cancelled a fishing trip today due to poor weather but it is nice to lounge around at home and recharge the old batteries.
    Have a good time back home,

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