Special Dish: Sakaboshi


Lit. “sake-dried” fish.  Shirogisu are filleted as for tenpura, but are cured in brine and then in good quality sake, before being sun-dried.  When done like this the fish can keep for days in the fridge, and make an excellent gift for friends and neighbours.  All it takes is a minute or so over the fire, and the fish whiten up and are ready to be consumed with a shake of shichimi (Japanese hot pepper mix) and it’s down the hatch!   For best results, these should be grilled over charcoal in a Japanese mini-brazier (called shichirin) but a gas stove is just as acceptable.

grilled himono


3 responses to “Special Dish: Sakaboshi

  1. Hi Adam-san,

    What a nice idea is! I love tenpura of shirogisu but I will try “sake-dried” fish with shirogisu next time.

  2. Shin-san,
    Often I get bored of tenpura if I catch too many! Also it is a good way to preserve the leftovers of a good catch (保存食). So easy to make, but I have given to sakaboshi to some of my friends who are professional restaurant chefs and it always gets rave reviews from their customers.
    Please try it when you have the opportunity.
    All it takes is 10-20 minutes in 立て塩 and a similar amount of time in good nihonshu before drying.

  3. Yum Yum Yum!

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