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After the day at work I headed straight to my teacher’s workshop and did some work on my next rod, which will be a haze (goby) tebane rod.   My shirogisu rod is finally coming together, aside from the slightly embarassing parts where I mucked up the lacquering it still looks quite good, from a distance, and once the guides are wrapped on it is basically finished.  Before that it needs a polish and buffing all over, then the ‘eyes’ (where the leaf shoots sprout from) of the bamboo are painted in, and the joints and tip need a last transparent layer of lacquer to bring out the colour; I thought I had finished the lacquering but I discovered since my last session my teacher had added an extra layer of emerald green, with shakings of gold dust, to give the rod a little character.

latest  nigiri

As for the goby rod, I made a start on what is for me one of the hardest parts: wrapping the joints with thin cotton thread (this are later hardened with lacquer).  After practising in my spare time a little I have definitely improved since my first effort, but it really does my wrist and fingers in; I console myself with the thought that there are professional rod makers (or rather, their downtrodden apprentices) who have to do this all day! 



5 responses to “Rod Latest

  1. Dang! That is looking good! Make me one! 😉

  2. chris: I’ll make you one when I have my own pro shop and a bunch of apprentice dogsbodies to do the boring work for me!

  3. And I am going to hold you to that!

  4. I would like to learn more on making a cane pole for herabuna style fishing

  5. Hi Robert,
    Bamboo rods for herabuna are distinguished from others by being made of three different types of bamboo: madake (for the tip), yadake (for the handle) and for the tip-holding piece, the expensive and slightly rare kohya-chiku.
    Some rod-makers these days make hera rods with a fibreglass tip (but everything else unchanged) as the stocked hera ponds contain fish much bigger than those of yesteryear; I have just started making one myself.

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