More Rod Making

I have finally got to the stage of wrapping the guides on my shirogisu rod.  It was four or five hours of fiddly work in my teacher’s studio, which is not air-conditioned and it was very hot and humid today.  Luckily I was in the adjoining room but when he had his stove going, to work on straightening some rods, the sweat was quite running in rivulets down his face.  Once the guides were wrapped on with silk thread, the rod is held in a vise to check the alignment and then they are lacquered.  This is done with the windows shut, to stop dust or wood shavings getting blown onto the wet lacquer; this is a very good way to keep the rod clean but again, it got very hot inside.  It will take 2-3 more coats of lacquer on the wrapped guides, then the rod is ready!

wrapped 32ndc83g


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