Nearly, nearly there


Nine hours at work followed by four hours in the workshop; ’twas a long day, made all the less amusing by the fact I didn’t have a homemade tiffin for lunch to sustain me, so I had to eat at my workplace canteen.  Considering I’ve eaten English boarding school meals (on which the school spent almost nothing, and was largely on a 7-day, 14-meal rotating menu), British Army 24-hour rations and even Japanese Buddhist temple food (deliberately designed to be flavourless and not “inflame the passions”) without complaint, theirs was an exceptionally poor effort. 

Anyway, work as usual was not particularly amusing, and the rod making was moderately demanding.  The lacquer I put on the silk thread to wrap the reel seat and guides had thoroughly cured, so I then flattened it out by sanding with very fine, wetted sandpaper (these are the dull, pale patches you can see) and put on another layer of lacquer, this time red. I also did the all-important red bands (fukurin) bordering the main joint and the tip/bamboo joint.  It then needs another sanding, and another layer of transparent lacquer, and the rod is complete! I can’t wait to use it next Sunday.


3 responses to “Nearly, nearly there

  1. So no garlic or onions in the Buddhist food, then?
    You’re working with proper ventilation I hope!
    Rod looking good, mate.

  2. Maninas: thanks, check back in a few days when I post the finished product!

    chris: yes, none of that stuff. For example, a standard dish is white rice okayu with an umeboshi floating in it. Although if you go to Kyoto, the Buddhist monks are much more inventive and some of their cuisine is superb (although stretching the Buddhist ‘no-kill’ rule somewhat).
    Rod is nearly done, I am going in later today and hopefully it will be finished!

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