Shirogisu Rod


My teacher oiled the wrapped parts earlier today, so all that was left for me to do was to wax the whole rod and now my first homemade fishing rod is ready!  It comes in a little less than six shaku (approx.180cm), its original intended length, but it feels nice in the hand and when I got home and put a reel on it, the balance was pretty good.


The last thing to do is check the action of the rod on the ceiling.  It looks okay for shirogisu.  I really hope the weather holds out on the 21st (it’s absolutely chucking it down here in Tokyo now), as I can’t wait to use it.



6 responses to “Shirogisu Rod

  1. The rod looks gorgeous – congratulations!

    Can’t wait to see the shirogisu you get on it.

  2. Fishing Sunday, then? Ganbatte!

    I am going in the morning around the Suma/Akashi area…

  3. Jay K:
    Thanks! There are no close-ups of the rod, to hide all the parts where I mucked up the lacquering!
    I am sure you will be pleased to hear my next rod is for haze goby…been fishing for them lately?
    Also, did you manage to get a good knife from Tokyo?

  4. chris:
    Yup, shirogisu+tenpura on my regular boat. First fishing trip in five weeks, and since getting my glims zapped, so I can’t wait. Only one more day of work to go…
    How about you, are you hunting for Akashi tako?

  5. Heya,
    Ended up in Suma Park area with some friends. I was after octopus but had no luck. Did manage to catch an old man’s gaffle/fishing pole (that he’s lost last week! He was happy.

    have a good day out.

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