More Rod Stuff

Here is another shot of the action on the rod. The tip is pressed hard against the floor of my teacher’s workshop: if you kind of tilt your head 45° to the left, so that both eyes are looking down the length of the rod, you can see the joint of the fibreglass and the bamboo (about the fourth guide along from my hand)  is almost seamless, just right!  The rod is much stronger if the bamboo takes the strain as well.


Buffing the rod down with wax.  My teacher said the guide wraps could use another couple of layers of lacquer to really bury the feet of the guides and make a smooth wrap, but since I wanted to use the rod this weekend, and it is hardly a high-end work, he said the three layers I did would suffice.  “It’s not like you are going to sell the rod to a customer, eh” he noted dryly, over his after-work cigarette.


Close-up of the lacquering and the reel seat (made by Fuji). 

reel seat

Check back in a few days for a report on its first test at sea!


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