New Rod

did the trick.

new rod

I would have smiled more, but the strong southerly wind was basically driving rain right into my face and eyes. 


7 responses to “New Rod

  1. Omedeto!

  2. Very nice… how’d you like the action on the rod?

  3. chris: arigato!

    Jay K: thanks, the action was perfect for shirogisu. The rod is very light, so it can only really be used for fishing the shallows though. Good for this time of the year!
    Next time it would probably be better matched with a very light baitcaster rather than spinning reel.

  4. Not a bit warm for a full on fishing suit? This humidity is killing me… and giving me a honky’s afro.

    • chris: it was a little cooler on Sunday but as it poured with rain constantly, waterproofs were the order of the day. Better to be a little sweaty than soaked to the skin for hours. For the early part of the day I wore my trusty Canadian-made slouch hat which does a good job of keeping the rain off, until the wind blew if off my head and into the sea (it was recovered, but not wearable for the rest of the day). Glad we didn’t go today, it is very humid and more than 30oC!

  5. Yeah, today is unpleasant. The wife’s birthday today as well. Shes gone off to have a day and lunch with her mum, sister and neice (girl’s day!).
    I am staying inside in the shade and downloading music all day (at least till she returns).
    do you use myspace or facebook?

  6. chris, check your e-mail!
    You chose a good day to be inside…damn my eyes it was hot and muggy yesterday!

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