Good day out

fishing for shirogisu (whiting) today.  I am getting more used to the action on my new rod and the weather was much better today compared to last weekend. So much so that I am rather sunburnt (and yes, I did slip, slap and slop) and have the overall countenance of a boiled prawn.  My nose, in particular, would outdo almost any alcoholic Bishop in its redness, and it’s times like this I wish I were a scientist like Tycho Brahe.


I was lucky enough to take an aji, so my brekkie tomorrow is sorted!  As usual, I scaled the fish on board to save myself work at home, and so the fish don’t quite have the same lustre as the intact specimen would (shirogisu are actually a very beautiful fish).


2 responses to “Good day out

  1. You need a nice big fishing hat like mine!

  2. I tried a couple of those on at my local fishing store; my strangely shaped head is much too large for them!

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