Catch and By-catch

Although I normally go out fishing on a Saturday, yesterday I went to see the sawbones in Gaienmae for a 1-month postop checkup, so I went fishing today instead.  Being a Sunday I thought it would be crowded, but the boat wasn’t that bad.  It was excellent fishing conditions on the Bay, no wind and overcast, but the sun must have peeking through somewhere because my nose, the top of my head and curiously, my left hand (but not the right) got roasted again.  I took a good catch, and as a bonus, snagged three tasty aji.  My homemade rod put up a good show again, but it needs a good straightening out over the fire to really strengthen it.


There was plenty of shirogisu for the neighbours.


The aji were small but very plump and perfect size for himono.


5 responses to “Catch and By-catch

  1. What’s the bait?

  2. Got me hooked!

  3. Hi Adam,

    I normally never read blogs, let alone comment on them, but I happened upon yours the other day (while searching for fishing in Japan) and I’ve got to say it’s fantastic! Very interesting and entertaining.

    It’s a bit cheeky, but I was wondering if you might be able to help me with a bit of fishing advice?

    I’m working in Tokyo and I’m living in the Shinagawa area. About 2 weeks ago I tried fishing for the first time (off a pier at Daikoku Umizurikouen near Yokohama) and although I only caught a few tiny sappa, it was great fun.

    Last weekend I bought a cheap rod and basic kit, went to Yamanakako near mount Fuji and managed to catch a couple of black bass and one “nigoi” (which I released because a local guy said they were not at all tasty).

    So now I’m keen to get out fishing with the aim of enjoying random places in Japan and hopefully catching something to eat into the bargain.

    Would you have any advice about what fishing spots might be a good place to start or where/how I can get on a boat in Tokyo Bay?

    I’m based in Tokyo but I don’t have a car. I can speak enough Japanese to happily jump on a train into the back of beyond, but not enough to get this kind of fishing advice from my local shop.

    I’ve got a very cheap basic rod and reel – no idea what strength the line is though. My tackle box contains a few hooks of varying sizes and a couple of rubber lures a guy at Yamanakako kinldy gave me.

    I’m happy to spend a bit more on kit, but I didn’t want to fall into the all-the-gear-but-no-idea trap straight away.

    I realise it’s quite a bit to ask, but if you had any pointers about where to go etc, they’d be really appreciated.

    All the best,


  4. Hi Andy,
    Sounds like you are starting out just like I did. I taught myself to fish on the pier at Wakasu Umitsuri Koen, then I ventured into in- and offshore fishing.
    If you live in Shinagawa, you can get onto the Keihin Kyuhkoh train line. There are noriai (share ride) boats leaving most ports from Kawasaki all the way to the end of the line, in Misaki. One of the most popular is Kanazawa Hakkei (there are at least 20 boathouses in the area).
    One advantage to offshore fishing is that almost all boats have rental tackle – often free (unless you break it/drop it in the drink) – which saves you buying expensive gear before you know whether or not you really like the fishing. My own rule was to use rental tackle for my first two trips before deciding whether or not that kind of fishing was for me.
    At the moment, I am saving up for my mahseer trip to north India next month so am not going out fishing at all, but you are most welcome to join me one day when I return to my normal fishing schedule this autumn. I head out almost every Saturday, weather permitting.
    In the meantime, I would recommend you getting hold of the fortnightly magazine called Tsuri Jouhou. In the back of each issue is a directory of boathouses with info about prices, fish targets and website addresses.

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