Mahseer fishing

Well I am about 60% decided to make the trip to north India this September.  I am in touch with a very helpful and nice guide via e-mail, and it just sounds amazing.  For me, the main thing is getting the time off work; a lot of the time I can’t really predict what will happen in the next few weeks. If I am really organised I can do it; but I will be away from the lab  for eight days, by far the longest away from my current job, ever.  I think I will talk to the boss next week and then if it looks good, start telling my paise.  If I do go, I will need to start getting my jabs done now.

If you haven’t seen a mahseer before, or want to know what the fishing is like, click the link for this amazing video:

In Search of the Himalayan Golden Mahseer from Stuart Walker on Vimeo.


6 responses to “Mahseer fishing

  1. You’ll have to do a lot of sucking up to the boss, eh? Crikey, I wish I could go, too!

  2. Well I am probably going to be fired next March anyway, so I had better make the most of my paid holidays while I can!

  3. Start saving those yens to ope that izakaya!
    Proper fired, end of contract or just too too much fishing time off?

  4. End of contract.

  5. Hi
    I’m leaving in Delhi now since two month.
    I would be really interest by any information about fishing masheer.
    I’ve already been throw few articles and web sites but i didn’t get yet in touch with a fishing guide. If your’s is good i would be really glad to get more informations
    Best regards Pierre

  6. Hi Pierre,
    I am still uncertain about going or not. For one thing it is not cheap, and also I am not sure if I can take enough time off work. But I would love to go! It would be the trip of a lifetime.
    As for the fishing itself, I am pretty ignorant of the exact tackle used beyond the fact it is spinning with big salmon-type rods or flyfishing with specially made local flies. If I were to go this would all be provided for me as part of the guide service.
    I will be sure to recommend the guide to you if I do go and have a good experience.

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