More pics from Yakushima


The seafood specialty of Yakushima is flying fish and saba mackerel; both of which were consumed on arrival on the island.  Click below for more photos.


Yoggo River and valley.


It is easy to see why Yakushima inspired the Totoro stories, as the cedars are twisted into the most fantastic and slightly grotesque shapes; it seems almost rational to expect some kind of goblin or creature to issue out of the undergrowth, at any moment.  I was convinced this was some kind of elephant.


“Wilson’s Stump”, an ancient broken-off stump of a fallen cedar that is so big, six or seven people can fit inside and there is actually a stream running through it.


This deer tried to run off with the mem-sahib’s bento, utterly fearlessly.  Stupid tourists feed the local wildlife – monkeys especially – and they end up quite insensitive to humans; this was obviously the case with this unfortunate beast.  Even as we were leaving a bunch of Osakan vulgarians eating their lunch were crowded around the animal, trying to lure the deer with food so they could take kawaii photos and posing with the animal as if it were a stuffed toy from Disney.  My secret fantasy of a massive, rutting buck suddenly arriving and goring/trampling some of the idiots, was sadly not fulfilled.


It is a good 20km or so round trip to the Jomon-sugi; this was my most memorable souvenir of the hike. 


The “Toroki Waterfall”.  This is unusual in that it is one of only three waterfalls in the whole of Japan, that falls directly into the sea.


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