Into the third year

of Compleat Tsuribito; thank you for your reading and posting comments!

One very pleasant surprise awaited me last night when I went to see my rod making teacher to pick up some of my rods I left in his care.  Earlier this year I misplaced my favourite and long-serving fishing knife, much to my disappointment.  Well it turns out my sensei went fishing last week and the skipper produced a knife and asked him if he knew the owner…well, the prodigal is returned!


A very, very big thank you to Captain Takahashi of the Kaitomaru, Fuku-ura Harbour.


3 responses to “Into the third year

  1. Nice! You’d never get that back in the West!

  2. You’re certainly right about that. The skipper had kept it for safe keeping since January. Also, during that time no customers claimed it as their own, despite it being a very nice and useful knife. Also, my rod making teacher cleaned the rust off it and oiled and ground the blade! Only in Japan.

  3. God love ’em both.

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