Herabuna 箆鮒

Well to save money for my mahseer trip I haven’t been offshore fishing for almost two months now, but that did not stop me from popping down the road for a morning of herabuna fishing.  The more I fish for hera the more interesting it gets; it is a very absorbing method of fishing. 


It was very hot today and when the wind died down, the sweat was running in rivulets off my brow.  I think I picked up a little sun, which is not a bad thing as not going out fishing lately has led me to develop a very wan pallor.  I think I have improved in my hera fishing a little, and today I ended up with my best bag ever. 


On the way back home I picked up some tai-yaki, from the usual confectioners.  These are very good, the beanpaste filled right up to the tail and not too sweet, which is just the way I like tai-yaki.


4 responses to “Herabuna 箆鮒

  1. I am waist deep among papers I have to write, research materials and a drawing I am doing for an upcoming art show. All of a sudden I thought, Nekokichi fishing! On that note, why is hera fishing so engrossing? Why are they making funny faces in all the photographs you took of them? Do you have any goals for your upcoming trip?

    Can’t wait to see the images when you come back! I had a lot of fun in Puerto Rico and went night kayaking at one of the phosphorescent lakes. It was magical as there was no moon and it looked perfect.

  2. Hi Amy,
    Good to hear from you again! Your trip to PR sounds great. What makes the lakes phosphorescent?
    As for me, my main India trip goal is to catch Himalayan Golden Mahaseer…and eating a lot of Muglai food in Delhi comes just behind the fishing in my list of priorities!

  3. Good luck with your show, too!

  4. Adam,

    Those sound like great goals. The lake is phosphorescent because of tiny dinoflagellates that live in the lake. The lake is pooled salt water that sits in the lake. The area surrounding the lake is covered in red mangroves which supply the plankton with B12. The red mangroves and the salt water create the perfect environment for them. When you move the water, with your hand or a paddle, the plankton light up.

    I hope you come back from your trip well fed and happy!

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