Herabuna again

Another morning of herabuna fishing.  This time I experimented with a few different setups but just as I was coming to the end of my three hour slot, I snagged two hera in one cast twice in rapid succession.  This is called ren or renko in Japanese, and although I’ve seen others do it maybe twice or thrice in my year or so of hera fishing, it is much rarer than you would expect (seeing as all hera tackle is two-hooked).  Well I have never caught a double myself, so to do so twice in two casts was quite pleasantly surprising.  The first pair especially put up a very game struggle, requiring a couple of minutes of fighting (as opposed to ten or twenty seconds to land, as is usual for single hooked hera) and now at home my bamboo hera rod is slightly bent out of shape.

The first double-header:


And the second:


None of the fish is foul-hooked!

On my way back I had lunch at a restaurant that claimed to be Sichuan (Japanese always insist on calling it Shisen, after the Japanese way of reading 四川).  I had dan dan mian (tantan-men).


It was okay, but despite the fiery red colour promising much entertainment in the chilli department, turned out rather mild.  However, I was hungry and the noodles were a very pleasant way to end a pleasant morning’s fishing.


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