Less than a week to go

and then I am headed for India; I can’t wait.   I need to pick up the reel I ordered from Asakusa Tsurigu (one of the best tackle shops in Tokyo, in my opinion) this week, pay some bills, take my bonsai trees next door and bribe my building’s caretaker with some sweets, then I’m ready.  The man at the fishing store recognised me and said “O-hisashiburi, ne” and I explained that, I hadn’t been offshore fishing for a while (the store specialises in saltwater tackle) since I was seriously getting into bamboo rod making and freshwater game, namely, herabuna.  The chap’s eyes nearly fell out of his head and said that was his favourite type of fishing; he then invited me to fish Sagamiko with him when I get back from India!  When I go to pick up my reel I will take my bamboo kisu rod and really startle him.  Hopefully this autumn I can also try my hand at fishing for wakasagi, which means I will no doubt have to make my own rod for that, too. 


5 responses to “Less than a week to go

  1. I hope to see loads of great photos.

    I am going aiyu fishing monday and tues, then tai fishing wed. busy busy!

  2. Hi Chris,
    Good luck, I hope you snag a nice tai!

    Also, I am chartering a haze-tenpura boat on the 1st November, if you can make it please come.

  3. At the moment I am booked up on that day. Wish I could!

  4. Well Chris if your plans change, please let me know.
    In addition to good fishing with bamboo rods and plentiful hot sake, the skipper makes devilishly good tenpura!

  5. Sounds like a fantastic day out.
    Will let you know if I can, but at the moment, it’s unfortunately unlikely .

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