Back to rod building

After the euphoria of my India trip, it is back to east Tokyo and rod building with my sensei.  It took some huffing and puffing, and damaging my left thumb somewhat, but the haze rod I started in August fits together perfectly and after a layer of lacquer, I will wrap the line pegs on and re-lacquer it, and the rod will be ready.  Just in time for my tenpura boat on the 15th of Nov.! 

haze rod

With the cold season upon us, it is time for wakasagi fishing, so I decided to make my own rod for that as well.  These are ridiculous little things 30-50cm in length, and I need to buy some specialist supplies from Sakura before I can complete such an article.  Hopefully these will be done by the 26th of this month, when I am going fishing for wakasagi with a friend.


The bamboo is very thin, and even the slightest careless knifework will damage the tip; I think I will pick up some fibreglass tips as well to make a slightly less breakable version as well.


As we hoovered up the afternoon’s rubbish and I put the stove away, my teacher said, “I’m going now.  Since you are lacquering today, you can do these as well”  and he pointed out a pair of his customers’ uncompleted rods.   Whilst I consider it quite a complement that now, after 18 months or so, he trusts me enough to lacquer some of his customers’ rods without supervision, it wasn’t half scary; one slip-up and that’s 50,000 yen down the drain!  In the end, think I managed to complete the job without mishap.


Watch this space for further progress reports…


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