First fishing trip since India


and my first day offshore fishing since about July. My return from the Hindustan coincides with the haze goby season, which is one of my favourite fishes.  The big boss at the boathouse, the skipper and hands all expressed joy at my reappearance – and wonderment at my photos of mahseer – and today was a very nice outing, no wind and a handy spring tide.  I took a bunch of haze and as by-catch, a few specimens of the little octopus the natives refer to as iidako.



12 responses to “First fishing trip since India

  1. hey! that looks like a good sized haze!

  2. Thanks, it is now resting in my tummy, after undergoing a temporary re-arrangement into tenpura.

  3. Have you tried Ayu fishing yet?

  4. chris,
    I have inherited all the gear for ayu (long story) and was supposed to give it a try this summer, but for a number of reasons I didn’t go. Maybe next year, we shall see.

    Is there any chance you might come on my re-scheduled tenpura boat, now taking place on 15th Nov.?

  5. Nice site and pics. Thanks. How much does a trip on the boat cost?
    I’m doing most of my fishing in the Tsukuba area; fly, lure and some bait fishing.

  6. Hi Clive,
    Thanks! The boat is a share ride and it is 8,000 yen for a full day (7:30am-3:30pm) with all-you-can-use bait and a pack of hooks included.
    I occasionally fish close to your area, the Kasumigaura lakes system, for carp.

  7. はじめまして!


  8. gindama pistolさん、

  9. Hi Adam,
    I was at Kasumigaura a few weeks back. I often fish the Sakura River which runs into the lake in spring. I’ve sometimes caught as many as 20 Nigoi in a morning. Mostly of a good size. If you ever fancy a trip out here at that time of year, please let me know. From where you are, it would take about 45 mins on the Tsukuba Express.

  10. Hi Clive,
    I’ve never fished for nigoi, my usual game out there is mabuna with bamboo gear. I usually head toward the little channels feeding the lotus root paddies near Tsuchiura.
    Perhaps we could make a trip, for whichever fish, some time next Spring like you suggest.
    You are right the Tsukuba Express is very convenient; I am pretty close to Shin-okachimachi. Do you work at the university?

  11. Hi Adam
    I’m working in Ochanomizu and living in Tsukuba. I’d certainly be interested in fishing for mabuna. The nigoi season is round about Golden Week. They swim up river from the lake to a dam. It’s pretty good fishing while it lasts. By the way, I noticed somewhere in your wonderful blog that you are interested in learning how to cast a flyline. It’s possible you may have done this by now. If not, if you ever wanted some practice and a trip out, it would be possible from here. I have all the tackle you would need. There is a trout lake near here. It’s a stocked lake, but not too bad as they go. You could perhaps try on the fly or with a lure. I usually catch something whenever I go there.

  12. Clive, please check your e-mail, I sent you a message.

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