Nearly there

Last night I put on a layer of special red-brown lacquer and the rods went into the box.  When I rose this morning, it was with some trepidation I lifted the lid to check.  Well, it wasn’t a disaster (as has been the case in the past, at my teacher’s workshop) and although the lacquer didn’t quite come out 100% how I wanted, generally the colouration is very rich, and with none of the dreaded specks of dust – the enemy of lacquer – that so ruins the finish.


The joints need to be sanded and re-lacquered maybe once more, then I can wrap the line pegs on and the rods are basically finished!  Ready for my trip for wakasagi fishing next week, definitely.

NB: the rod at the front is not lacquered with the special stuff, which still just has the undercoat on.

2 responses to “Nearly there

  1. They look really beautiful. You must be proud. How are the bamboo segment textures used? What does the lacquer smell like and what kind of brush do you use?

  2. Hi Amy,
    The left hand-ends of the bamboo are filed into a nice round cavity, into which the rod tip is fitted. The rod should altogether be no longer than 50cm; it is more like a toy!
    The lacquer when dry, is odourless; when wet, it smells like vomit, quite literally. It is also highly allergenic. Real pros use a brush made from human hair, but these are very expensive and I am not a pro! I use a standard hobby brush you can buy for acrylics. The very dark, rich chestnut-coloured lacquer is applied with thumb and forefinger, so no brush is needed.

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