World’s Smallest Game Fish?


Not quite (that particular honour falls to tanago, I imagine) but these fish are tiny: wakasagi.  Taken on Sagamiko yesterday.

double wakasagi

Despite being set upon by the office cats and having to bribe them with some of my catch, the bag was good:



Many thanks to Tenguiwa, of Fujino.


3 responses to “World’s Smallest Game Fish?

  1. Office cats?! Office cats?! Please elaborate. Are they like the station manager cat?

  2. At the jetty on shore, there is a small office – containing reception, some seating and toilets – where the cats live. They know the boat that comes in at a certain time each afternoon is full of customers laden with delicious fish, and demand a handout as soon as you arrive.
    They do much less work and eat far better, than stationmaster cat.

  3. Fresh fish! Ah, it must be the infamous neko tax. I had heard stories…

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