Perfect Pooris

Well, one perfect and its fellow, not so.  I had guests on Friday and some oil left-over, so I made pooris to go with my dal makhani for supper and amazingly, some of them even survived, so I have a treat to take with my tiffin to work tomorrow.  The one on the right was first in the oil, and the temperature wasn’t quite high enough and the poori didn’t inflate properly.  When done correctly they puff up like a fugu in the oil, and when draining – here on kitchen paper and the Japan Times – they emit the most lethal hot steam out of their sides.  Amazingly the poori are crispy on the outside yet surprisingly soft, layered and moist on the inside and hardly as oily as you might imagine it would be; a marvel of Indian and Pakistani cooking.


8 responses to “Perfect Pooris

  1. You can have the one on the left.

  2. I must try these!


  3. Hi Maninas,
    Thank you for visiting again! I followed Madhur Jaffrey’s excellent instructions for making pooris.
    They are very good with dal or chickpeas.

  4. I’ll take the one on the left, but I am not gonna share it with Maninas. You’ll have to make more.

  5. I will Chris, and make raita and blazing hot chole to go with, so long as you do the washing up.

  6. No problems there, Adam. The wife has me trained up!

  7. Chris, have you got the メイド outfit yet?

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