Haze rod lacquered again

Compare this photo with that of 22nd November:

The rod is really picking up a rich, deep colour from the red-brown lacquer; this is its second layer and with another sanding down, another layer of lacquer and a finishing polish, the rod will be ready.  This is a haze goby rod so the line passes through the centre of the bamboo, so no guides or reel seat is required.

I have also given up using cheap hobby brushes for the lacquering as they seem to accumulate dust very quickly and lose their shape; I couldn’t get a nice black lacquer on my wakasagi rods.  So I finally decided to use the proper traditional brushes for lacquer, called hake, which are made from human hair.  Although slightly gruesome, they are much better at applying a very thin and even layer of lacquer, and with my first attempt the black lacquer came out beautifully, even and very shiny and rich:

It takes a little more work to maintain a hake – for one, they are cleaned in vegetable oil rather than turpentine – and they are quite expensive (I bought a beginner’s model that cost 3,000 yen).  However, they can last for years when used properly: you pare off the end with a knife as the hairs wear out or lose their shape, and the hair runs the entire length of the wood inside.


4 responses to “Haze rod lacquered again

  1. Nothing related to your post, but I have been searching for recipes of choomiboshi (dried fish seasoned with mirin-sweet sake-or soy sauce) but haven’t found any.
    Do you know?

  2. Hi Motohiro,
    Cure the fish in tate-shio (10% brine) and then move the fish to mirin or soy sauce. The time needed for each will depend on the thickness of the fish. Usually for a shirogisu-hiraki I do 15 minutes each.
    Then pat the fish dry with kitchen paper and leave out to dry on a net overnight.

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