Trout Treats

and other dishes from the Hindustan: chole bhatura (stuffed with paneer and green chillies), lime pickle (not home-made) and red chilli, orange and lemon-flavoured fish kebabs. 

Trout kebabs. These are very easy to make, by cutting the fillets lengthways, marinating briefly and then bunching up the fish strips onto metal skewers and grilling very quickly. 

Also a Bengali-style hot fish dish, again made with trout (although the authentic version would probably be made with rui, catfish or a similar creature), to a very Bengali taste with mustard oil, nigella seeds and gur.   Also the real dish would use steaks or even the fish cooked whole, rather than fillets chopped rather small as I used here; this is just to make it easier to transport in my bento box. 

Amazingly, one of the paneer-stuffed bhatura survived the evening, so I will have a treat with my lunch tomorrow at work, and no doubt shock my colleagues with my barbaric cutlery-less eating.


5 responses to “Trout Treats

  1. So, when the contract is up (soon), you’ll be moving to Kobe to open a restaurant? I’ll be there there every day all that delicious looking grub you are always whipping up.

  2. Yes Chris, with you as doorman to keep all the disgusting drunken chain-smoking oyaji out…

  3. Let’s start a petition for a nation wide smoking ban!

  4. chris:
    Unlikely, seeing as JT is basically part of the Japanese government! Even Delhi has a smoking ban…but my hopes are not high for these shores.

    Trout kebabs and Bengali fish recipes come from Madhur Jaffrey’s Ultimate Curry Bible and A Taste of India, respectively.

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